Wow friends, I indeed did NOT drop off the face of the planet, I did NOT die, BUT...I did move! :) I looked at my last post and it was...what...the beginning of May? Yeah, with end of school craziness I just didn't find time to blog. Then the second week of summer we found this little beauty and decided that we just had to have her.

We spent the rest of the summer fixing her up and making her ours. We're not even close to done yet, there is SOOOO much I'd like to do, but as my husband keeps reminding me "One project at a time". :)  I'm super excited to share before and after photos with you all as we finish. I'm so thrilled with it, words can't even express. It's the perfect home for our  family, it's like it was sitting there , just waiting for us. 

So, I haven't forgotten about or given up on Project Life. I think I'm about a month behind still, but I promise to post pages soon as well as more Project Life Collections in the shop.

Until then, keep scrapping, keep creating, and have a fabulous day!