Hey, I'm posting pages and it's only Tuesday! :)


Golden Girls CRUSH Collection
Balloons from Golden Girls It's My Party Digital Kit (recolored)
Fonts: Madame Klara, Champagne and Limousines, Sexsmith



It's President's Day…let's celebrate!!

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We moved about 6 months ago. My boys FINALLY have matching beds and comforters. So my mind has been reeling (and their Pinterest board has been filling up) with ideas. I've had a really hard time trying to decide what to do. I originally thought super heroes because my 4 year old is right in the thick of a MAJOR super hero obsession…but he shares a room with his 10 year old brother, who is well out of that phase.

My husband has always had a thing for maps. He thinks they are so cool, and though at one point it would be fun to hang a large map in their room. I kind of dismissed the idea because my mind was focused on super heroes. Today, however, I came across this image on Pinterest:

In my church when boys turn the age of 18, they are asked to serve a mission for 2 years to teach those who want to listen about Jesus Christ. It is a huge part of their life, something they prepare and plan for for years in advance. They are called to serve all around the world, if my 10 year old could choose, he'd go to China, but they don't get to choose. :)

I decided to create some of my own printables to hang on their wall to remind them of this goal, along with an oversized map of the world. I wanted to share them with you, of course! :) The CTR print is 8x8 and the other 2 are 11x14. (click the images to download)


Week 6. I seem to be about a week behind on posting…but no worries, I'm not a week behind on my layouts. I'm promising myself I won't let that happen again! It's WAAAAAAY too time consuming to try and play catch up!

A little tip for this week:
Do you use Instagram? (follow me!! Link in sidebar) Well this week I had a post that I wanted to include…caption and all. So I simply took a screenshot of it, and used the entire thing on my layout! I found the instagram logo online and resized it to fit in the corner. I love how it turned out! It's always fun to try something a little different.

GG Digital Designs "CRUSH Collection"
GG Digital Designs "Currently Filler Cards"



I just sent my Project Life 2013 album to be printed! To say I'm excited would be a HUUUUGE understatement. I've never been so excited to get a book in the mail, I even paid for faster shipping! :) I go through a place called PRESTO PHOTO (previously Viovio.com). I originally started printing with them because they offered a 10x10 size (which is my absolute favorite), and at the time it was hard to find. I believe there are more places that offer 10x10 now, but I've always been pleased with the quality and price. I'll take some pictures and give you a full review, up close and personal, when my book gets here. In the meantime, click the link in the sidebar and check them out!



It's snowed a lot here this week. Like…a TON! My kids finally got their snow clothes on today and went out and built a snowman. (Insert FROZEN song here…it's been running through my head all day!) So after I got the baby down for a nap of course I grabbed my camera and my boots and headed out to get some pictures.

It's a struggle for me to let go of the "perfect image" mentality, and to remind myself that the "perfect image" is NOT the one of them looking at me with a huge smile. While I definitely love me a natural smile…they're not the images I find myself falling in love with. Take this one for example:

Most definitely my favorite shot of the day…next to this one:

Love them both. (the pictures and the kids!) Eating snow…I mean it doesn't get more fun than that, right? Abbie actually said to me "Mom, take a picture of me eating snow!" And Gavin was just eating it more than he was playing in it. :)

So…get rid of expectations and just capture the moment. I'm talking to myself here… But seriously, the candid moments always end up being my favorites.



As you can see, this year I've done things a little differently with my Project Life Collections.

#1: I've added an "extras" portion. This is for traditional scrappers who may be in love with the collections, but have no embellishments to go with them! Also for Project Lifers to want to add a little…well…extra! to their pages.

#2: I've changed the way I create the journaling cards. I've tried to add a little more variety to this portion of the collection by changing up the way they look, as well as the sizes. The journaling cards now include 3 horizontal 4x6 cards (for those weeks when you have a little more to say) and 9 vertical 3x4 cards.

#3: I've designed all of the filler cards at the traditional 3x4 inch size with squared edges. This makes it easier for paper Project Lifers to print and use the cards, but we as digital project lifers can still use them with the GG Project Life templates.

So, in a nutshell, I guess you could say that this year I've tried making things more versatile and easier for EVERYONE to use. :) So, with that, I give to you the new "CRUSH" Collection. LOVE it!!!!

I've also created a second set of my "Doodled Words" (check out the first volume HERE) and I'm loving them as well. I love the personal touch hand written words give to a layout. 

And lastly, this fun set of "currently" cards. Whether it's something you're eating, loving, or wearing…we've got you covered! Document the little things that you are doing "currently" in your life!


And here is week 5. A little better than week 4, but I definitely need to be getting my camera out more! Whether it's the trusty iPhone, of my Nikon…my trigger finger needs to get a little happier! :)



Total slacker this week friends…and yes, I'm aware that I'm a week behind. Almost caught up and then I'll share Week 5 too.  I didn't even take enough pictures to fill a 2 page spread! Oh well…whatcha gonna do? ;)