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Life life to the fullest and CAPTURE those memories!!

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I've decided (per the suggestion of a friend) to post some free LDS printables. Word art/Subway art are some of my very most favorite things to create, so I decided to share them with you. I've also recently been called to teach the Sunbeams class (the 3 year olds) at my church. They are absolutely DARLING, and absolutely EXHAUSTING! I will also be posting my lesson helps that I create on occasion here as well.

First up, Young Men/Young Women. These are the youth in our church, ages 12-18, and every year they have a new theme. This year the theme is "Come Unto Christ", so I've made a few printables (all 5x7) that you as leaders can print for you, for them, or for whatever you choose. :)




Click the image to download whichever one you'd like, and let me know if there are any other sayings or variations you'd like to see!



Back in November, my little guy turned four. FOUR. Gah. Why do they grow up so quickly. I swear his four years has flown by and taken as much time as it did for my oldest to turn four MONTHS. It's just not fair.

If there ever was a super hero fan, this little dude is it.

Oh how I love that face! And all the mischief you see in his eyes…yep, it's 100% genuine. He's the biggest stinker, most crazy, lovable, funny kid you'll ever meet. So how could I not bend to his every request…I'm in trouble when he gets bigger. Can't say no to the kid…just can't do it.

He requested an Avengers birthday party and we planned it for about 2 months. We started out with "HULK SMASH".

I just rounded up a bunch of boxes and wrapped them in brown paper. Then when I ran out of brown paper, I just took them apart and put them back together inside out. Worked like a charm. The boys took turns putting on the hulk hands and smashing/knocking over the boxes. It was definitely the highlight of the party. I think they could have played this the entire time!

Next we broke out the Thor hammer and had a "THOR HAMMER THROW".

We had 2, one that was a foam one, and one hard one. We used the foam one and the boys took turns seeing how far they could throw if down the hall. I've also seen Thor hammers made out of a stick and a kleenex box…just in case you don't have a plethora like we do! LOL!

Then it was time for "PIN THE CHEST PIECE ON IRON MAN" (I honestly don't know what it's called…anyone?)

It's not a birthday party without the traditional "pin something on a poster" game, right? :)

And it definitely would NOT be a super hero party without having to "get the bad guys"! And my guy is OBSESSED with Loki! 

I just found a picture of Loki online and printed out a few, taped them to some gatorade bottles, and let the boys take turns throwing bean bags at them. It was a blast, and I was very surprised at how accurate they all were!! I let them each keep the gatorade they knocked over.

Then it was time for lunch.

Captain America Shield pizzas, Hulk Punch, and Thor Hammers! 


Flour Tortillas
Tomato Sauce
Large Circle Cookie Cutter
Small star cookie cutter

Use a large circle cookie cutter and cut circles out of a flour tortilla.
Sprinkle Cheese on top
Use a small star cookie cutter to cut stars out of the middle of the pepperoni
Spoon a thin line of tomato sauce around the edge of the cheese
Bake on 350 until cheese is melted


Lemon Lime Soda
Green Food Coloring
Lime Sherbet

Drop a couple of drops in the bottom of the cup, fill with lemon lime soda, add a scoop of sherbet.


String Cheese or Grapes
Stick Pretzels

Cut each cheese stick into 4 pieces, insert a pretzel into each piece. You could also use grapes for this, but my little man chose cheese.

And then cake and ice cream. We kept the cake simple this year and went the cupcake route! Store bought everything.

I printed out pictures of the super heroes and hot glued them to toothpicks and used those for my toppers. Easy peasy. My kind of cake. :)

And here are all of the cute super heroes:

Aren't they just the cutest?

If we would have had a little more time I was going to play "CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD BLOCK" and have the kids throw sponges at Captain America and he would have to try and block them with his shield. I'm sure they would have had a blast with that one too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to answer!


Okay friends…let's try this again! :) I know I didn't get all of my pages posted on the blog, but I DID FINISH!!! I feel quite accomplished…if we're being completely honest. I am so in love with my Project Life Album I can hardly even stand it! I'm prepping my pages for printing and will be sure to share some photos of the finished/printed book.

Okay, so out with the old, in with the new! Here's to Project Life 2014! If you're on the edge, trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge all I can say is DO IT!!! You won't be sorry you did! Is it a lot of work…you betcha! But I've never been so excited to print an album…EVER!

2014 COVER:
I did pretty much the same thing as last year…of course with a SIX instead of FIVE! :)

Everything is from the GG Digital Designs Project Life Sage Collection…one of my favorite collections yet! 2014 is off to a great start!

Fonts used are:
Sexsmith (I know…HORRIBLE name, right?)
Champagne and Limousines
Sweetheart Script



Guess what guys, only 6 more weeks of pages left and I'll be all caught up and FINISHED for 2013!! I'll be posting pages of all the catching up I did over the next couple of weeks.

But for today…I've got a new freebie for you! There has been a lot of interest in new 2014 Calendar Cards, so here you are my friends!

I hope you like them! If you need a refresher course on how to recolor these cute little things, check out THIS POST from last year.

Also, don't forget to check out the new SAGE COLLECTION, definitely my favorite to date! And not only have I created filler cards, papers, and journal cards, this year I've decided to add some extras to coordinate with each collection! You know, ribbons, word bits, word art, washi tape…all the things you need to take your Project Life layouts to the next level!