The countdown has begun my friends. With baby coming any time now, the gifts and meals have already started rolling in from many thoughtful friends and neighbors. (I'm the luckiest girl ever). As we all know, that means lots and lots of thank you cards. I decided to whip up a bunch to have them on hand for when I need them. I designed them in Photoshop and printed them out, 4 to a page. I cut them apart and glued them onto white cardstock (cut it 5.25 x 7.5...you can get 2 out of a sheet). And voila! Super easy, super cute, the BEST kind of project. :)

Want to print them out and make your own set? These are great not only for yourself, but could be a great addition to any baby shower gift.

(and don't forget to comment if you do!)



Wow...what a week!! To say the least I'm VERY glad to have that one over with and start fresh! And with a visit from my mom today to help take care of me (and put some finishing touches on the nursery) I'm sure it's going to be a great one. Aren't moms the best? :)

Nothing too fancy this week...but I'm just glad I got the pages DONE! Most of the pictures were taken with my phone this week, but taking into consideration how I felt, I'm just glad I had enough to document the week's happenings! Here's to a better Week 9!! (And hopefully some new products and freebies!!)



So I caught some sort of flu bug, who knows what it was really though. Basically I came down with a slight fever with chills and some MAJOR body aches...and my suffering put me into contractions. Unfortunately, Baby Mack is only at 35 weeks and 5 days (too early in my book) so away to the hospital we went to be monitored and stopped. And what kind of memory keeper would I be if I didn't take at least ONE picture to document the event, right?

I did kind of start freaking out as we got closer to the hospital, as the contractions were getting more intense, thinking "Oh my gosh, we could totally have a baby tonight and ...GASP...I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!" But it was not to be, thank goodness. Instagram post from this morning:

So there you have it, my adventure for the day. :) Feeling VERY thankful for a sleeping pill that got me through the night and feeling MUCH better and very refreshed this morning. Thanks to a fabulous husband who totally cleaned the house and did all the laundry while I was sick in bed all day, maybe life can continue on as we know it today.



Here you go folks, Week 7 and still going strong. We'll see what the next few weeks bring as Baby #4 makes his entrance! :)

And really quick before I show you my pages, just wanted to post this:

If you've been wanting any of the new Project Life products in my shop (or anything else for that matter!), now is the time to buy! Save 30% today and tomorrow!!

We had 2 big events this week, James' (my husband) birthday and Valentine's Day. I tease him every year and ask him why he decided to be born so close to Valentine's Day...it kind messes everything up! Haha! Then I'm reminded that it could be worse. His little brother was born on Christmas Day! So I'll take 2 days before Valentine's. :) Anyway, I was trying to decide how to document both of these picture heavy events in one week, and this is what I came up with. Watch for some templates and new collections coming soon! :)

Items Used:
Golden Girls "Project Life Calendar Cards"



Just popping in really quick to wish you all a super Happy Valentine's Day! A few weeks ago I shared with you a Valentine's Day Chalkboard printable, and "libbywilko" gave me the fabulous idea to use it in my Project Life album. So I decided to shrink it down and make it into a filler card! While I was at it I whipped up a couple more to share with you. ENJOY!!




It's a girls' prerogative to change her mind...right?

After I finished the month of January, I knew there was absolutely no way in the world I was going to be able to create an entire, year long album using one color scheme. NO.WAY. So I started to re-vamp my thinking and tried to decide exactly what I DID want to do. That's when I realized I probably needed to create a new collection for each month. I opted to keep it kind of themed for the holiday/season of the month. So for February I'll be using the "Sweetheart Collection".

However, this week (the actual week of Valentine's Day) I'll be using the February Mini Kit.

So here are my first February pages using the Sweetheart Collection. (All January pages were created using the "Matilda Collection" and "January Mini Kit").

Other items used:
Golden Girls Doodled Accents (heart around "tooth" picture)
Golden Girls Project Life Journal Templates (pennant flag on "I Love Mommy" picture)

And there you have it! My new Project Life plan...and I'm super excited about it! :)



It's finally here...Project Life brought to you by GG Digital Designs! Check out these awesome new products hitting the digital shelves today! 19 in all...yep, that's right, NINETEEN! You ready? Hold onto your hats!!

First off, the basics:

And if you purchase the "Project Life Basics Bundle", you'll save 20%!

Each month I'll release a new mini kit that coordinates with either a holiday or the season that month. Here are the first two:

The MATILDA Collection:

The SUNSHINE Collection:

And The SWEETHEART Collection

Are you still with me? That's all folks! So what are you waiting for? Go snag some awesome goodies and start YOUR Project Life Album today!



So, you've taken lots of digital home videos, but do they ever get watched? That was the case at our house. My husband and I would take videos (mostly on our phones), upload them to YouTube so our parents could watch them, and then there they'd sit, never to be watched again.


My husband (he's an Electrical Engineer and is obsessed with all things electronic) has been in love with QR codes since he first learned what they were.  So naturally he was MORE than thrilled when I started using them in my scrapbooks! :) The best part...it is seriously SO EASY!

First you've got to upload your video to YouTube. If you're concerned about privacy, don't worry, you can make your videos unlisted so only people with the direct link can view them. All those options are available when you upload. Once you've uploaded your video, copy the link.

Then go to this website:

Enter the URL in the "Website URL" field, then click "DOWNLOAD QR CODE".  It will automatically download to your computer.

Now you need to browse and find the code file and open it up in Photoshop. Then you can place is on one of these fancy shmancy filler cards I've made for you! The code may be too small to fill up the space, but don't worry. Just go ahead and enlarge it. You won't lose enough quality to affect the code.

::click image to download::
(click HERE to learn how to recolor black and white graphics)

And there you have it! If you don't have one already, go ahead and download a QR scanner app to your phone and start scanning away! Now all of those precious videos have their own little spot in your Project Life Album!



Whew, they're done! I kinda struggled with these pages, I'm not sure why. It wasn't for the lack of pictures...maybe it's because I had too many! Either way, I finally got them where I liked them and called it good. Talk about a busy week (for us). Hopefully this one is a little more low key. This pregnant body of mine isn't moving very quickly these days!

You'll notice that I have 2 calendar cards this week. That was the best way I could come up with to document the date since the week was split between January and February. If you have a more creative way, I'm ALL ears! :)

Also...see the QR codes? (the crazy black and white things that looks like...well...I'm not sure what they look like...) Anyway, watch for a tutorial on this coming soon! It's a GREAT way to add VIDEO to your pages! I blurred out the ones on the first page because that info is a little more personal...but if you'd like to see how it works, feel free to scan the second one with your smart phone! (you'll see what an 'awesome' basketball player my little Landon is, and hear my husband calling instructions from the stands!) :)