I think yesterday was the worst of this nasty cold (I hate being sick and pregnant at the same time). Gavin and I are both feeling MUCH better today. And even though I'm sure I could have cleaned bathrooms and mopped floors, I decided to just take it easy and have another lay around jammie kind of day.

I've been wanting to start a blanket for this little baby boy coming in March. I decided today was the perfect day for that. And what do you know? I actually had all of the colors of yarn I needed! Perfect, no need to run to the store. :) I'm really excited about getting the nursery put together, it looks pretty cute in my mind...hopefully it all comes together the way I've envisioned. Anyway, here's a little sampling of what the blanket is going to look like.

Aren't the colors pretty? It was kind of an afterthought to add the blue, but it really brings the color scheme to life.

I also whipped up this cute little elephant print to hang on the wall as part of a photo collage that will go above the changing table.

And this is what Mr. Gavin did while I crocheted in my bed:

Super Hero setups. I love it. I especially love how he has to put them in order. The Hulk's have to go together, the Zurg's have to go together...etc. This was just before they all got "HULK SMASHED"! Now the big kids are home and I suppose life turns to homework and reading. Still hard to believe sometimes that I have a 1st AND a 3rd grader...I so don't feel old enough!


  1. You are so inspiring! Your nursery looks like it's going to be so cute. But everything you do is adorable. I that your are blogging. It will be fun to see the wonderful world of Leslie :)