I'm a country music fan through and through. That being said, I like other types as well...I can appreciate pretty much anything (but rap). However, country is where it's at, Lady A being at the top of my favorites. Their new album "GOLDEN" came out last week...and of course I had to buy it. ;) It's fabulous, but I expected nothing less, really. But there was one song that I REALLY loved called "Generation Away". You can listen here:

The part in particular that struck a chord with me was in the chorus where it says "Hey, what can we do? Here we are, just me and you. So let's take all the pictures we can take for the generation away".

Why did I like that so much? That's EXACTLY what I'm trying to do. It's my goal with "Project Life"...to take all the pictures I can take for the generation away. I want to be remembered. I want my life to mean something to those who follow me. I want my children to remember, I want their children to be able to know what our lives were like. In essence, I want to leave a legacy.

So...are you taking all the pictures you can take for the generation away? I certainly hope so. When it's all said and done, all we have are the memories, and what a better way to help us remember. Go take some pictures of the everyday, mundane, and EXCITING things that make up your life. You won't be sorry. :)

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