Okay, so I originally wrote this post LAST month...when my baby turned one month old. However, I never got around to finishing the free download portion, so I'm just posting it now...that he's 2 months old. :) Haha!

With Gavin (my three year old) I took a picture of him each month on his "month birthday" in the same spot...which happened to be the rocking chair in his room. I LOVED going back through these photos and watching him grow. Naturally, I decided I wanted to do the same thing with Mack. Only this time I decided I wanted him to be dressed the same in each picture. A white onesie was obviously the only choice I had! :) Then I decided to take it one step further and make little month "signs" for each picture. Then inspiration struck, and I realized that I had an entire package of sticker paper sitting down in my office. Why not print them on sticker paper and stick it to the onesie?? Awesome...right? It worked so well and I was so pleased with how it turned out!

And, in true blogger fashion, it just wouldn't be nice for me to share this with you and then not give you a download...right??


And here is a link to where I purchased the sticker paper on Amazon:

Avery Sticker Project Paper, White, 8.5 x 11 Inches


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  2. thank you so much! my little girl is one month old in two days, this is perfect!

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  4. I'm having trouble with your cute downloads, do you know how long it will be until it's repaired? I get the message that the website is temporarily unavailable? I left a reply on the Hello Kitty post too, but now see it's all of the downloads.

    thank you!