Meet our elf, his name is Cris. Cris Moss to be exact. And no, it's not a silly joke. My husband's best friend in High School was Cris Moss and the kids adore him. So when our elf came last year, a vote was taken, and Cris Moss won. Go figure. I was hoping for something fun and creative. Heck, even Elfie would have been okay, but Cris it was, so Cris it is. Cris is sneaky, but not too naughty or too terribly messy. He doesn't like cleaning up messes, and he certainly doesn't want to be a bad example. :)

So here is our first week of 2013. He didn't do anything elaborate for his grand re-entrance, just found our Elf book that he came with last year and sat by it so we could read it and be reminded of the "rules".

Day 2 he found a few supplies lying around the house. A green marker, some string and tape. With that he made himself a trapeze. We were worried all of the blood might rush to his head, but thankfully he made it through the day.

Day 3 he located some red pom poms in my craft stash and a little masking tape. He gave us all rudolph noses! See...not too terribly naughty, just silly! If he had it to do over, I think he'd probably give himself a rudolph nose too!

Day 4 Cris found the sugar. He'd heard of other elves doing snow angels with flour, but he thought that might stick to his nice red suit a little too well. Since he doesn't want to be too messy, he decided that sugar would be a MUCH better option. I think he was right.

Day 5 Cris was a little lazy in the creativity department, and decided that a Christmas drinking glass in a glass front cupboard would be the perfect perch to sit observe all the comings, goings, and happenings at the Miller home.

Day 6 Cris found my Christmas M&M's. Good thing they weren't for anything special. He ate a few and even managed to get chocolate on his face! We caught him red handed...or chocolate faced! And...if we're being honest...I may (or may not) have eaten almost the entire bag. They were just sitting there. ALL.DAY.LONG. #ihavenoselfcontrol ;)

Day 7 he raided my gift bow stash! (truth be told...I bought the bows for him, just in case he wanted to use them for something.) He decided to stick them all over the wall! It happened to be the 'perfect' decor for the family Christmas party we had that day. :) Thanks Cris!

That's it for week one! Stay tuned next week to see what Cris has been up to!

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  1. You are so fun! I love Cris' sneaky ideas, especially the red noses on the pictures.