We moved about 6 months ago. My boys FINALLY have matching beds and comforters. So my mind has been reeling (and their Pinterest board has been filling up) with ideas. I've had a really hard time trying to decide what to do. I originally thought super heroes because my 4 year old is right in the thick of a MAJOR super hero obsession…but he shares a room with his 10 year old brother, who is well out of that phase.

My husband has always had a thing for maps. He thinks they are so cool, and though at one point it would be fun to hang a large map in their room. I kind of dismissed the idea because my mind was focused on super heroes. Today, however, I came across this image on Pinterest:

In my church when boys turn the age of 18, they are asked to serve a mission for 2 years to teach those who want to listen about Jesus Christ. It is a huge part of their life, something they prepare and plan for for years in advance. They are called to serve all around the world, if my 10 year old could choose, he'd go to China, but they don't get to choose. :)

I decided to create some of my own printables to hang on their wall to remind them of this goal, along with an oversized map of the world. I wanted to share them with you, of course! :) The CTR print is 8x8 and the other 2 are 11x14. (click the images to download)

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  1. That’s so sweet of you! Even though your kids have their goals in mind, it also helps if they see something that would best remind them of their mission when they grow up. Or simply something that would inspire them to keep moving with a positive mind for their future.

    Jake Grant