It's snowed a lot here this week. Like…a TON! My kids finally got their snow clothes on today and went out and built a snowman. (Insert FROZEN song here…it's been running through my head all day!) So after I got the baby down for a nap of course I grabbed my camera and my boots and headed out to get some pictures.

It's a struggle for me to let go of the "perfect image" mentality, and to remind myself that the "perfect image" is NOT the one of them looking at me with a huge smile. While I definitely love me a natural smile…they're not the images I find myself falling in love with. Take this one for example:

Most definitely my favorite shot of the day…next to this one:

Love them both. (the pictures and the kids!) Eating snow…I mean it doesn't get more fun than that, right? Abbie actually said to me "Mom, take a picture of me eating snow!" And Gavin was just eating it more than he was playing in it. :)

So…get rid of expectations and just capture the moment. I'm talking to myself here… But seriously, the candid moments always end up being my favorites.

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