Like I've said before, my goal this year is to capture more "moments" rather than events, and to do so using my Nikon, NOT my iPhone! :) I think it's going pretty well so far. Granted it HAS only been a month...but a successful one, nonetheless.

A neighbor brought over some frozen cookie dough (along with about FIVE blankets she'd made for the new baby) and my kids could hardly wait to cut it up and get those cookies in the oven. (I think maybe it's been too long since I made cookies...) Anyway, Gavin wanted to watch them bake and promptly went to get his little stool from the bathroom. He then, of course, wanted Abbie to join in his excitement and she was so cute to humor him. I love how much she loves him. She loves giving kisses and hugs and it was no surprise that she snuck her arm around him as they watched the cookies bake. Oh to be little again and take time to enjoy the little moments...like watching cookies in the oven.

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