Whew, they're done! I kinda struggled with these pages, I'm not sure why. It wasn't for the lack of pictures...maybe it's because I had too many! Either way, I finally got them where I liked them and called it good. Talk about a busy week (for us). Hopefully this one is a little more low key. This pregnant body of mine isn't moving very quickly these days!

You'll notice that I have 2 calendar cards this week. That was the best way I could come up with to document the date since the week was split between January and February. If you have a more creative way, I'm ALL ears! :)

Also...see the QR codes? (the crazy black and white things that looks like...well...I'm not sure what they look like...) Anyway, watch for a tutorial on this coming soon! It's a GREAT way to add VIDEO to your pages! I blurred out the ones on the first page because that info is a little more personal...but if you'd like to see how it works, feel free to scan the second one with your smart phone! (you'll see what an 'awesome' basketball player my little Landon is, and hear my husband calling instructions from the stands!) :)


  1. Those qr codes are so fun! I can't wait for the tutorial!

  2. Loving your pages Leslie, the qr codes are fun.