It's a girls' prerogative to change her mind...right?

After I finished the month of January, I knew there was absolutely no way in the world I was going to be able to create an entire, year long album using one color scheme. NO.WAY. So I started to re-vamp my thinking and tried to decide exactly what I DID want to do. That's when I realized I probably needed to create a new collection for each month. I opted to keep it kind of themed for the holiday/season of the month. So for February I'll be using the "Sweetheart Collection".

However, this week (the actual week of Valentine's Day) I'll be using the February Mini Kit.

So here are my first February pages using the Sweetheart Collection. (All January pages were created using the "Matilda Collection" and "January Mini Kit").

Other items used:
Golden Girls Doodled Accents (heart around "tooth" picture)
Golden Girls Project Life Journal Templates (pennant flag on "I Love Mommy" picture)

And there you have it! My new Project Life plan...and I'm super excited about it! :)


  1. Oh Leslie this is adorable!!! You seriously have the cutest family :) I totally understand your Wednesday. That's my Tuesday. We see my husband for 30 min and then he's off to bishopric meeting for most of the night. It makes for a LONG day too. Maybe I should follow you and eat something yummy at night :)

    1. Thanks Shantell! It's weird how just knowing I've got a little chocolate waiting for me at the end of the night really does help sometimes!

  2. That's how Mondays and Thursdays are for me super LONG days! I agree, knowing I have a small treat at the end of the day or a good show to watch on the DVR really does help. Cute pages! I am loving the sweetheart collection!

  3. Love the colours in your kit ! Can't wait to see next week's pages :-)