Wow...what a week!! To say the least I'm VERY glad to have that one over with and start fresh! And with a visit from my mom today to help take care of me (and put some finishing touches on the nursery) I'm sure it's going to be a great one. Aren't moms the best? :)

Nothing too fancy this week...but I'm just glad I got the pages DONE! Most of the pictures were taken with my phone this week, but taking into consideration how I felt, I'm just glad I had enough to document the week's happenings! Here's to a better Week 9!! (And hopefully some new products and freebies!!)


  1. This is why I'm loving project life. It gives us a way to easily scrap the not so fun parts of life but the things that make up our lives. I hope you and the kids are feeling better and that you have no more sickness. Beautiful blanket! It makes me want to pull out my yarn and start to crochet again (which I haven't done since before I was married). Darling pages!