Some more Project Life products for you today! I've been busy creating new tools and new collections for you to help record your everyday lives. Just a little FYI: It was brought to my attention that my filler cards are not quite big enough for scrapping traditional Project Life. (you know, paper, page protectors, binder, the "print everything out" way!) :)
So from here on out if you purchase filler cards, there will be 2 files. One will contain the smaller sized cards with rounded corners. These are meant to be used with GoldenGirls Project Life Templates. The other will contain a larger sized card without rounded corners. These are meant to be printed and used in traditional paper PL albums.

So, with that, let me introduce you to the latest collection! Seeing as my baby boy is due in 2 weeks, I thought it only fitting to create a collection that can be used to document baby's first year. And for those of you wondering, YES, there will be a girl collection soon! :)

And now that it's March, it's time for another mini kit!

And something that will hopefully come in handy for everyone...because we all have weeks that are going to be a little more "picture heavy" than others. That's what I found with week 7. Not only was it my husband's birthday, but Valentine's Day as well. Both very picture heavy events. So I created these multi-photo templates. It's an easy way to fit more pictures on a page when you run out of space!

And last but not least, another set of layout templates. These were created with my baby album in mind. I knew I was going to need a LOT more journaling room for documenting all of the things that happen in that first year...more than a little journaling card could hold, that's for sure! So whether you use the oversized space for a special photo or a special story, you'll love having this set of templates in your collection! (watch for oversized journaling cards, coming soon!)

And if you're still trying to decide whether or not to jump on the Project Life bandwagon, go check out CT member EMILY'S gallery, or CLICK HERE to see the pages I've been creating each week.


  1. Love the baby boy's PL kit :-)

  2. Just found your shop and wanted to let you know that your work is adorable. I LOVE the boy kit. Thank you for designing it. The one baby boy kit that is available is so limited if you're between tiny baby and toddler! I love this one! And also that you so the need for larger journal pads, very clever and am certainly going to purchase them. Thanks a million!