Whoa! Week 9 already? I can hardly believe it! I hope I can be as diligent in keeping up on this once baby comes as I am now!! :)

I've become a LITTLE bit more lazy about getting my Nikon out and just shooting with my iPhone. But hey, let's be real, when you're 8.5 months pregnant, it's just a LITTLE bit harder to want to get up and go grab it. I know...makes me sound like a TOTAL lazy bum...oh well. The energy will be returning shortly. :)

Products Used:
Golden Girls Project Life Templates
Golden Girls Sweetheart Collection Papers, Filler Cards, and Journaling Cards
Golden Girls Calendar Cards
Golden Girls Project Life Quotables
Extra Fonts - Ostrich Sans, Courier New, Chunk Five 


  1. Leslie, where did you get that blue metal shelf you're storing your baby things on? LOVE it!

  2. I got it at Ikea. They have turquoise and gray. I love it too!!

  3. Love your pages, they always seem so clean and fresh. I totally understand about using your iPhone more during that last stage of pregnancy, its so exhausting especially when you have other kids who need your time and attention too.